Arbeitsgruppe zu "remote-controlled sex technologies" sucht Mitglieder

Im Namen von Ekaterina and Azadeh, die im Master "Science and Technology Studies" studieren und forschen, stellen wir euch ihr kommendes Projekt vor.

Dear all,

We are currently master students in the field of ‘Science and Technology Studies’ ( at the University of Vienna.

We are about to finish our studies soon and would like to apply for the ÖAW doc team by the end of October this year. We are contacting you because we are looking for a third (and a fourth) member to recruit to our team to employ a more interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, we would like to ask whether you could kindly bring us in touch with and circulate our email among students who are currently at the end of their studies or recently have graduated and would like to participate in our project.

Best regards,
Ekaterina and Azadeh

Preliminary project abstract

We would like to focus on remote-controlled sex technologies, i.e., teledildonics, and examine them from different social and technological perspectives. On the one hand, we are interested in the production of teledildonics, what and how values are embedded into them and who makes a decision concerning them. On the other hand, we would also like to look at different types of users (sex workers, dis_abled people, queer people, …) and their practices with teledildonics, their means of de-scripting them, and maybe even employ a focus on speculative design. Different domains of interest within this project could be security and hacking, medicine and toys as therapeutic devices, gaming, virtual and physical spaces, embodiment, fetish, etc.

Of course everything can still be adapted to the interests or discipline of the person joining us.

Please contact us via or

We are looking forward to hearing from you!